5 Reasons Brands Should Work with Influencers

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While I was scrolling through my social feed the other day, I noticed one of my friends talking about a new exercise program she was doing from Beach Body. She made a video of herself doing the aerobic routine and told all her friends on FB how much it had transformed her body over the last few months. She wasn’t being paid to say those things, she was an organic brand advocate because the product worked for her and she wanted to help others benefit from it as well. If you are a brand, you should be working with influencers like my friend. They are one of the best referral sources you can find for your brand.

Here are 5 Reasons Brands Should Work with Influencers

1. They generate sales – This seems like a no brainer, but it is true. Just like the story I shared, when people love your product or service, they tell people they know about it. People buy from people they know and trust. I have to admit that I am actually considering streaming exercise videos from Beach Body because I was looking to add variety in my workouts and my friend solved my problem for me. My friend influenced my purchasing decision and created another sale for this brand.
2. They create content – The influencer I mentioned, created a video, was creating organic content about the Beach Body brand. I have seem more comments and shares on that one post, then I have on anything else in my feed for a long time. I love that she did a video. It was easy to see whether or not it was something I would be interested in. They type of content she created was brilliant. I was sold after watching her. Again, she didn’t get paid to promote her experience, it happened organically. I am not against paying for content, but I love when it happens naturally.
3. They build brand awareness – Who doesn’t want to get newsworthy buzz about their brand. Influencers can talk about your brand in a way that is natural and meaningful. Back to my friend, I didn’t know you could stream videos online. I didn’t know this service even existed before watching her. Exposure and brand awareness is so important today. There are a lot of options out in the marketing for exercise videos, but because my friend peaked my interest by her video, and ultimate blew my mind with the options I had available to me. I love that Beach Body has made it possible to have access to all their content without having to buy each video individually.
4. They give brands access to their target market – Because my interest in working out is similar to my friends, I was a perfect fit for this brand. People connect with people because of interests. It can be through work, school, family, or exercise. My friend has a lot of friends that are trying to get more healthy so her friends are the perfect audience for a brand like Beach Body. She is also a working professional that has a hard time fitting in work outs to a traditional gym. Also another perfect fit for this brand.
5. They become brand advocates – If you are offering a product or service that resonates with people, finding brand advocates should not be a problem. Most of us have a certain brand that we buy because we know it is good quality or that it is a good investment. I feel that way about Columbia. I have loved the jackets and hiking shoes I have purchased from them because they have lasted over the years. I am a brand advocate because I love their stuff and you better believe I am a walking billboard for them.

Influencers are valuable to your business. They have a way of attracting customers and prospects that you could only dream about. Find a way to connect with influencers and serve each other through the paid approach, product or service compensation, or a simple than you for being a loyal customer.

What type of influencers does your brand work with? 

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