How a Virtual Tour Will Benefit Your Business

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A 3D virtual tour of your office or business offers your web visitors access to your business location without ever having to leave your website. If you are looking for ways to boost your brand, keep your clients and potential clients on your website longer, and create a sticky content factor to your website, adding a virtual tour is a great option. Once your visitors have the opportunity to experience visiting your business, they will feel more inclined to hang out and check out your products and services as well.

Recently, Protek Support, created a virtual tour of their new offices. They wanted to give their clients and website visitors the opportunity to see their new offices. They also wanted their clients to see where they are calling when they have IT support needs. Protek has an awesome team that is available to help any of their clients in a moments notice. It is also important for them to show growth and improvement in their company so their clients know they delivering the best possible service and experience for them.


Check out their virtual tour here:

How to retain and increase business using a virtual tour
A virtual tour is a great way to retain and increase business. Here are a few benefits that a 3D virtual tour can have for your business.

  • More visits to your website. Virtual tours have been proven to increase customers and more frequent returns to your website. More visits to your site, means more of a likelihood to convert a visitor to a customer.
  • More time on your site will help with SEO rankings. Virtual tours will help create stickiness on your site and increase time on page analytics. More time means higher rankings.
  • More exposure for you business 24 hours a day. Having a way that your clients and potential clients can “virtually” visit your office any time of the day is always a positive. People want to know who they are doing business with. A tour is a great way for them to see where and how you operate.
  • More threat to your competition. By placing a tour on your site, you can beat out the little guys by having a fully interactive experience with your business. When people can see that you are a legitimate business, they trust factor goes up and are more likely to work with you opposed to someone they don’t know as much about.
  • More confidence in decision making online. Once people can see where and how you operate, they are more likely to make a quicker decision to do business with you. If you have your site set up with the right CTA on it, you can convert those visitors more  quickly to a customer.
  • More brand exposure. Having a virtual tour on your site can build a brand and sell a product or service. This gives people online the opportunity to experience your culture and brand before calling you.


Great 3D virtual tours that can live on your site for a long time and enhance your site visitors’ experience. It will also likely increase sales, encourage people to return to your website, and increase both traffic to your website and business location.

How do you connect with your clients on your website and give them a unique brand experience? 

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