How to Use Facebook to Get Bigger Launch Results

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In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is a great place to advertise. It is one of the best places to launch your next product, campaign, or make that big announcement about your brand or business. Why? Because Facebook live videos are watched 3 times more than regular videos. Amy Porterfield shares her secret sauce for how to use Facebook live to get bigger launch results for your business. Ironically, your pre-launch strategy is what is going to increase your engagement, email lists, and potentially your profits. So let’s dive in and find out how we can do this.

How to Use Facebook to Get Bigger Launch Results

Here is Amy’s 4 week Facebook prelaunch formula:


  1. Choose your promotion dates – Start creating and implementing your prelaunch plan at least 10 days, but preferably 4 weeks, in advance for promoting whatever you will be promoting. Mark these dates in your calendar. Prelaunch is a thing. The longer you get your audience ready for your launch, the bigger results you will have.
  2. Choose your topics – What is it that you are promoting? Ask yourself, what does my audience need to understand, believe or know before they will buy from me? What limiting beliefs or worries do I need to strike down so they are ready to buy? Prelaunch gets them ready for whatever you are selling. Decide what 4 topics you are going to talk about or the one mind shift you must make. This is what you will be talking about for the next 4 weeks prior to your launch.
  3. Choose your lead magnets or giveaway – Whatever you are teaching on your Facebook live, make sure your giveaway is aligned. If you do a live session on 10 things to do to attract more customers, your giveaway has to be something that relates to that topic. It has to be something they have to have. Create a template for your giveaway so that when you change your giveaway in the future, you don’t have to create advertising for it over and over again.
  4. Create Op In pages. Lead pages are a great resource so all you have to do is change the text each time you create a page. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you create an opt in page. This freebie email must be accompanied by a thank you letter for tracking how many people opted in for your freebie.
  5. Add Facebook Pixels to your site – To track how many people are coming from Facebook to your site, you must add Facebook pixels to your site.

Okay, so now you know what you need to do to get ready for the launch. Now we need to talk about what you need to do to promote your campaign. Prime your audience 4 weeks in advance about the freebie and what your will sharing on your live session. Make sure you are knocking down any barriers they might have to purchase what you are selling.

The morning of the launch, you are going to tell our audience you are going live later that day. You can get 3 times more views if you promote an hour before. Tell them, I am going live today, this is what I am teaching, and this is what you will learn.

Promote on the same date and time each week so your audience will see a pattern week after week. If you create quality videos and they are longer than a few minutes, Facebook will send them out in the Facebook feed more often. When you are on your video, engage with your audience. Tell them to type yes or no to certain questions you ask. Ask them to rate from 1 to 5 how they feel about a certain topic and Facebook will push this out more often as well if your engagement is high. If you follow this formula, your views will grow week after week. Lastly, right before you jump on, tell your audience it is go time. Tell them to come and say hi and you will see them over there.

Longer videos get better traction. Broadcast live on your page for 25 to 30 minutes if possible. Start with an intro for a few minutes. Welcome people on your feed. Then tell them why you are teaching what you are teaching and what it is about. Give 3 tips or strategies during live. Have your outline on a doc in front of you. It is important to not go blind on this or you will waste people’s time and they won’t attend your live sessions in the future.

At the end of every FB live session, tease the freebie and send your viewers to a stand along page to get it. Have someone post the URL to the freebie the minute you say it. Have a team member there with you during your video to make sure all the technical stuff is working.

When you are finished with your live session, make sure you edit the text of the broadcast. You will want to turn this into an ad. Include the URL to your freebie. Change the image your video to one that is becoming. You can boost your FB live posts in an effort to get them out there. You have to get these video views to help you make money. Boost to your FB fans and beyond. You have to spend a little money here but if you are consistent, you will be successful.

One last tip, you can do your Facebook live session on your desktop. You don’t have to do them on your phone. If you do it from your desk, it will help you be more organized and you can see the comments from your viewers more easily then you would on your phone. Amy Porterfield suggests using Wirecast on your desktop. This tool allows you to add a promotion in the lower third of your video which can include the link to your freebie. It also allows you to use different images throughout your session so people don’t just have to look at your face the whole time.

For more information on Facebook live, check out this article from Social Media Examiner.

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