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OK. Lots going on this week across our nation. Football, politics, world series and holidays. So much marketing happening right now that to lock down my brain on one marketing topic is pretty tough. So instead of writing an article on a specific topic, I’m just going to give you unfiltered access to my thought and opinions as they happen real-time.

Like a lot of you, I get a ton of spam email. It’s mostly my fault really. I sign up for a lot of crap just to see if they have good or bad marketing. Usually it’s so so. One particular company is getting super annoying. It feels like every subject line has to do with their 20% off sale. I’m all for creating urgency and promoting good deals. But guess what, when all you do promote 20%, urgency goes out the window. I just want to wring that copywriters neck and squeeze some creativity into that noggin.

Speaking of emails, I signed up for a free trial (told you I signed up for a bunch of stuff) and this headline was pretty awesome. They announced  a really cool new feature to their software and I couldn’t help but open it. Lesson learned: new features to already cool products = open rate bait. I also liked the funny use of the gif as the masthead image. But that just may be me. I love gifs in emails. Always eye catching.

Billboards. I love them. And…I hate them. I saw a billboard and the big headline was “Perfect Timing” with a huge picture of clock. What does that mean? Seriously – if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

While on the topic of billboards I love how sports teams are using digital billboards. Promoting game times for that day is a great way to draw game attendance and make it top of mind.

OK. Let’s talk politics. I can feel your blood boiling already. I sorely miss Obama’s social marketing and can’t understand for the life of me why Gary Johnson has not ripped off every play in the Obama handbook of how to get elected. With so many Democrats and Republicans equally discouraged by their party’s nominee (no, I won’t say their names) his social campaigns should be exploding the Internet. Lesson learned, don’t settle for volunteers. Put some money into hiring freaking amazing talent.

Thats about all the politics I can stomach. Time to move on.
Anyone else annoyed by Christmas advertising already going on in grocery stores. Don’t be that marketer. One holiday at a time please.

Hint: Don’t use clowns in social media right now. If you don’t know why, just trust me.
I have an apple. I have a pen. Apple Pen. Aughhhh for the love of all things sacred, whoever showed me that video deserves to sleep in a torture chamber tonight. Why this is taking the Internet by storm and gaining so much popularity is beyond me. If you are completely oblivious, DO NOT GOOGLE Apple Pen. You did it, didn’t you. I warned you.

Well – I wish I had more for you. We are Woodrow are just killing it. We are super busy taking care of clients that we just could not get more in.

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  • Kim

    Ha! I should have read this BEFORE I created our social media post for Monday (hint about 1 holiday at a time) and what don’t you love about pen-pineapple-apple-pen? We’ll sing it to you on Monday!

  • Matt

    I had the fortunate opportunity to listen to it on the way to Vernal #amazing