Culinary Crafts Brand Video

Video Marketing: Tell Your Brand Story With Video

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As a business, it is important to tell your brand story in a way that speaks to your customers and prospects. A brand video is a great way to share not only who you are, but what you stand for. It is also a fun way to take your brand voice and bring it to life. When you visualize a video, decide if it is best to tell that story in one video that lives on your website or if it is a series of YouTube videos. Once you have a better understanding of where it will live and who your video is going to, your ready to get creating.

Culinary Crafts is a perfect example of a brand that has a strong voice. They wanted to share their story in a way that would help people understand their love of food and their ability as culinary artists. Creating a YouTube video series was the perfect way for each of the owners to share their story and passions. A video series was also a great way to get people thinking about food in a new way. See if you get a better understanding of who this brand is by watching a trailer to their upcoming video series.

Culinary Crafts Brand Video

The Craft(s) Episode 1: Fire 

6 Tips to Help You Tell Your Brand Story with Video

If your brand decides that video is the tell your story, then put some thought behind your project before you begin. If you follow these steps, you will save a lot of time and money. You will also create an amazing way to share your story and brand message. Here are a few tips that can help you with the process.

  1. Define Your Audience – Before you begin your project, determine who your audience is going to be. Is this for your existing clients or potential clients? Defining your audience will help you to know how to talk to them and what message they need to hear from you in order to do business with you.

  3. Find a Place For it to Live – Where will your video be shown? Does it live on your website or are you wanting to push these videos to the YouTube world? By determining where the video will live, this will help you know what type of video to create and how to lay things out.

  5. Determine the Voice – What does your brand sound and look like? It is important to have a road map before you begin your project so you don’t waste time and money. Pull inspiration of things you like so you can create a roadmap of sorts.

  7. Write a Script – Story board your project so you know what main points you want to emphasize. Determine where the story arch will be and make sure your video leads up to that. Know what your end goal is for the video. This will help you when you are putting the project together.

  9. Find the Right Production Team – Decide what your budget will be for the video and then find the right production team. Make sure your vendor understands your voice and is capable of creating a video in the way you want. Is your video animated or will you be using real people in your video?

  11. Define Success – Lastly, success can come in many forms. Determine what success looks like your brand and make sure your video achieves that. Ask yourself throughout the project if you are meeting your goals with your video.

If you haven’t considered using video in your marketing, now is the time. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to tell your brand story. When it is done right, you will not only attract potential clients to your business, but create loyal, engaged customers for life.

How have you told your brand story in a video before? Is creating a brand video a part of your current marketing plan?




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