Why is Branding so Important?

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Branding is more than having an awesome logo, it is the experience your customer has with you each and every time they do business with you. Branding increases the value of your business and makes acquiring customers easier. The brand sums up peoples perception of your advertising, customer service, reputation, and customer experience.

Woodrow is passionate about branding. We give our clients the courage and direction they need to create a strategic brand strategy. We believe having a strong brand will help:

  • Promote brand recognition

  • Separate you from the competition

  • Create the DNA for your business

  • Provide motivation for employees and internal teams

  • Generate referrals

  • Create brand champions

  • Help customers know what to expect

  • Give clarity and focus to your marketing efforts

Woodrow will be teaching some basic branding best practices at our Pie Day Lunch and Learn on March 14, 2017. You will learn how to:

Take control of your brand – Learn how people perceive it. If you do nothing and they come up with their own perception. If you own it and create the experience you want your customers to have, you are the one that dictates what your brand stands for.

Give it life and meaning – What activities are you doing internally to back up your brand statements? What makes it believable not only to your staff but your potential customers?

Use the brand to create brand champions. Using technology to amplify your brand message is critical. We will share great examples so you know how to create brand champions and monetize low hanging fruit.

To sign up for our Lunch and Learn, click the image below.

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